Friday, October 30, 2009

Special Offer!!

The Maxwell House special of three mid week nights for $333.00 brought a mother daughter duo from Portland for some bonding and R and R. They really made of most of the time here, visiting wineries, shopping on Main Street, indulging in History at Fort Walla Walla and The Whitman Mission, and even getting in a bike ride between rain showers. The mornings were long and leisurely as they enjoyed breakfast with the coffee I serve from Walla Walla Roastery. They promised they would return as they didn't have time to "do it all" and I think they will.

Penny the InnKeeper

Monday, October 19, 2009

Off to the Symphony

My guests this week were very adventuresome. Two couples that did not know each other and hadn't talked about this in advance each took a trip to Palouse Falls. The Falls are about an hour from Walla Walla and then a short walk from the parking lot to view the falls. It was a rainly day but both couples said it was a special sight and well worth the trip. I had been there on a hot summer day and I am thinking they had a more enjoyable time. One couple bought bread and cheese and a bottle of wine and stayed in by the fire that night, the other couple ventured out to The Symphony after a quick meal at Backstage Bistro (just a short walk to Cordaner Hall on Whitman Campus where the Symphony performs). The next Symphany performance will be in December. Hope you come visit so you can check it out.

Best from Penny

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Tomato Pie

Did you know September brings an abundance of green tomatoes to gardens? And did you know that green tomatoes make a fabulous pie? I didn't until Earl (my nieghbor) brought me a hugh bag of them and I couldn't waste them. Today we had "green tomato pie" for breakfast. Along with a small omelet and locally made sausage the plates were cleaned! I don't think I can serve Chocolate Cake for breakfast but to use a few more green tomatoes I will make a "green tomato chocolate cake" to serve with afternoon tea. You may have missed out for this year but come on by next fall for this special treat!! The recipe for the Pie is really very simple. After Sauteing the tomatoes in butter and lemon juice I added the flour, sugar and cinnamon like it was an apple pie-it tasted a lot like an apple pie.