Friday, July 24, 2009

Maxwell says, "Meow!"

Breakfast conversation at the Maxwell House is often lively, where friendships are made and garnished as people share their lives over coffee. Sometimes I get involved and add a thought or an idea to enhance my guests' trip plans.

Such was the case a week ago with my guests Chuck and Pam. They stayed in Walla Walla for three days and were heading back home to the Seattle area where they live with two dogs, Greta and Bubba and Bun Bun the rabbit.

They wanted to end their three days in Walla Walla with just one more outing and asked me for a new idea. I love to send guests to Waitsburg to the most interesting (over stocked) hardware store I am sure west of the Mississippi. I just happened to mention it was also the local Humane Society. Pam hoped with much excitement that she would find a tabby cat that they would add to their pet family.

That evening I received an email from Chuck and Pam, they have a new tabby cat named "Maxwell." Just goes to show, you never know what kind of adventure awaits you here in Walla Walla at The Maxwell House.